Take a Ride

October 19, 2022
Take a Ride

In today’s fast-paced world, many people are looking for ways to find their center and to escape from the worries and burdens that follow them day to day. There is lots of talk about self-care and healthy lifestyle choices. It almost seems that these catch phrases are new to society but talk to any old cowboy and they can relate.

As long as man (or woman) has been able to mount a horse, the call to ride has been a vital part of our culture. At first, riding was mostly utilized for work or warfare but today we look to the horse to help us find ourselves and balance the turbulent world outside to the turbulent thoughts within.

Horseback riding not only allows you time to unplug and reset your internal clock, it also requires strength and physical awareness. Similar to the phyiscal demand of yoga or running, horseback riding exercising your body while also helping you declutter your mental state.

Talk to any old cowboy from New York to Scottsdale, Arizona and they’ll tell you the same. Horseback riding is good for the soul and connects you to cultures past. Take some time during your next vacation to escape the city of Scottsdale or Phoenix and connect with a gentle horse. You won’t regret it.