Horseback Riding to Clear the Mind

February 9, 2021
Horseback Riding to Clear the Mind

It seems like more than ever, people are looking to escape the city and enjoy their vacation in ways that avoids traffic, crowds and chaos. People from all over the country have chosen Arizona as their winter destination so that they can thaw from the bitter cold back home and enjoy some time outdoors in the scenic Sonoran Desert.

With the absence of festivals, concerts and other major events, families and travelers are looking for an activity that they can relax and enjoy without the stress of crowded areas and packed spaces.

Cowboys have known the true meaning of social distancing since the early 1900s. To be secluded from society on the back of a trusty steed in the rugged outdoors has been the western theme for generations. Let Cave Creek Trail Rides take you back in time to a simpler era where stress and worry fades away into the trail dust behind you.

Just read what Pamela, a local Arizona resident, had to say about her horseback experience with Cave Creek Trail Rides…

“During a pandemic, there aren’t many things to do to stop your mind from spinning…meditation-spin, hiking-spin, biking-spin. But, when you’re on a horse, your attention MUST focus on that magnificent creature. The surefootedness, the way the horse reflects back your emotions, the sheer size of the horse. This was exactly what the Dr ordered. Literally, my Dr said “do something to give your mind a rest.” Enter Channukah and 8 crazy nights…one night’s present was a gift for my husband and I do trail ride with Cave Creek Trail rides, then dinner at our new favorite, Confuluence (review elsewhere). Cave Creek Trail Rides could not have been more perfect. The horses were gentle, but not without personality, so you still felt that you had to pay attention. The operation was filled with very helpful, very kind people. Apparently you can get boots and chaps and hats there too. We had our own, but they had racks of gear for others. And the VIEWS! Spectacularly located in the park…one vista after another! I’m just wondering if I can schedule weekly ‘therapy’…!”

Enjoy the original form of social distancing with Cave Creek Trail Rides! Call today to reserve your horse for our limited spaced trail rides!






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