Stanley Bound

Another winter has come and past and as always we enjoy checking the Cave Creek weather reports as we snuggle up to the fire and watch it rain and snow outside our windows here in Stanley, Idaho. We will miss our Arizona friends and coworkers but not the 100 and above temperatures. We really did have an amazing winter in Cave Creek this year and we expect next season to be even better. Things will be different next year, for sure. Jeff and I are opening up a second operation in Goodyear, Arizona at the Estrella county park so we will be plenty busy getting that business off and running. This winter we have been buried under paper work for Corral West (our new corral) so we are very excited to see all our plans get put into action. There is still lots of hard work ahead but between the two of us we will get through it! It’s hard to believe it’s already June and I know that in a blink of an eye it will be September again. If you feel the need to escape the summer heat, come see us here in Stanley, Idaho. The weather is lovely and the scenery is absolutely breath taking.

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