Rare Rainy Day

Howdy everyone!

Soon we will be heading into our busiest part of the season in Cave Creek, AZ. Mid-March through April keeps us moving with all the spring-breakers and visitors enjoying the wonderful desert weather on horseback. We always look forward to this time of year because we get to meet so many great people, from all over the country, and also because it means that soon we will be heading back to the mountains of Idaho for our summer season.

This last week we were lucky enough to have a rainstorm come through northern Phoenix, AZ and drop around 1.5 inches of rain. It has been a lovely week with cooler temperatures and a lot of green color due to the precipitation. The horses loved the much needed rain. They were all frisky and excited as the storm came in and they had all day Saturday to play in the mud puddles. Brushing horses in the morning has been quite a chore due to all the mud and dirt these guys accumulate.

We are so thankful to be in such a beautiful part of the Sonoran Desert doing what we love. We hope to see you all out here soon!


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