Monthly Archives: October 2016


As many of you know, Jeff and Deb Bitton started Cave Creek Trail Rides in 1999. They put their heart and soul into creating a good company that provides exceptional and safe horseback riding experiences to the public. They have spent the majority of their lives dedicated to their passion for meeting people and riding horses.

Seven years ago, my husband and I started working for Jeff and Deb. Right away we knew that we too had found our passion. The Bittons inspired us to pursue our dreams of being outfitters and to work hard for that dream. This past year we were lucky enough to be able to purchase Cave Creek Trail Rides from the Bittons, as well as their summer outfit, Mystic Saddle Ranch. Jeff and Deb are retiring to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

We have spent the past four years managing CCT and are excited to continue forward as owners. We will continue to operate CCT as Jeff and Deb did, with exceptional customer service and priority in the safety of our guests.