Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas in the Desert

Every year, right before the holiday rush, the park gets very quiet. This small lull in trail rides gives us time to catch up on projects and preparation for the busy weeks to come. 

This week a few of our guides built a new feed trough for the mares’ pen and we’ve also been plenty busy mucking out pens and cleaning horses every day. 

Thanksgiving was great this year! We did a lot of trail rides and then took Thanksgiving Day off to spend time with all of our employees. Many of our guides are down from Idaho this year, far away from their families back home so it was great to have a family gathering of CCT and Corral West employees. 

We are looking forward to Christmas, the reservation books are starting to fill up and the weather has been great. A few rain showers have really helped with the dust and brought the desert smells and colors come to life.

We are excited to share Christmas Day together with our guides and to meet all the families that will be coming out to ride. We will end the month with a bang as our Boise State Broncos football team will be playing University of Arizona here in Phoenix at the Tostitos Bowl! Go Broncos!!

Whether you are up north, back in east in the cold or enjoying the desert weather, we wish you all the best Holiday Wishes! Merry Christmas y’all and a Happy Happy New Year!


Tis the Season for Giving!

Every year I seem to be caught off guard by how fast Christmas approaches. If you are like me and are always looking for last minute gift ideas, look no further than our Christmas Gift Certificates! These certificates make quick and easy gifts, good for the whole family. Surprise your loved ones with a horseback ride this Christmas!


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