Monthly Archives: December 2010

Holiday Hustle and Bustle

With the big holiday rush approaching we have been staying busy with preparations this past week. There are horses to be shod, lights to be hung, gift certificates to sell, and of course corral maintenance to keep up on. Also Jeff and I are preparing to fly back to Idaho for some much anticipated family time, leaving the corrals in the sturdy hands of our crew. So much to do and always so little time.

Young Wyatt Chatburn has been interning with us this last week from Villa Montessori Middle School and he has been a true delight. Even at the age of thirteen he has kept up with the rest of the crew and has even volunteered his own after school time to come back and help around the corrals. His spunk and willingness have been greatly appreciated.

The rain has also kept us busy scrubbing down dirty horses in the mornings, who seem to take humor in rolling in the mud every night. We look forward to better weather out there on the trails and wish everyone the warmest Christmas wishes.