The New Year

Yesterday we had 126 horseback riders! The corrals were bursting with activity and smiles all day long and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. We were truly blessed to meet so many lovely people. The rain has slowed us down some today but we have our fingers crossed for better weather since that’s what we Arizona (working) Snow Birds love the most about Cave Creek!

The upcoming new year offers a time for reflection of 2013 and the memories made during. Upon looking back what else can we say but…”wow”. The years just seem to keep flying by as our family grows up and gets bigger and as we continue to share a passion for horses and knowledge with our guests. The bits and pieces that make up our days, like dressing up guests in chaps and saddling horses, has melted away another year, leaving behind great memories, new friendships, and more love in its wake. We can only hope that 2014 will present us with equal characteristics and even more opportunities.

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