THE best horseback rides in Phoenix

Cave Creek Trail Rides offers THE best horseback rides in Phoenix, Arizona for several very important reasons!

  1. Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable and will always put the safety of our guests first. We hire only the best of the best here at CCT and we know that your guide will give you the best possible experience.
  2. Our horses are calm and gentle. Our horses work year round and are seasoned professionals. They know right where to put their feet to take you safely down the trails.
  3. Our facility is always clean and organized. We believe that even though we may smell like horses we can still operate a clean and professional stable.  Our crew works tirelessly to keep everything looking nice and staying clean for our guests and our horses.
  4. We offer boots, hats and chaps at no additional charge to enjoy for your ride. Whether you want to just dress up for pictures or hit the trail looking like a buckaroo, we have the gear for you!
  5. Our trails are mountainous and scenic. We don’t offer your typical flat and boring ride through the desert. Our trails wind through the foothills and get you close (not not too close) to the amazing saguaro cacti and other Sonoran Desert plants
  6. Our horses are always well cared for. We have fat and happy horses. We make a point to retire our horses when they get to be around 20 years old. We go out of our way to find them a home where they can enjoy their retirement. Our horses get excellent feed, grooming and hoof care.

SO, in summary, Cave Creek Trail Rides goes above and beyond to be the number one horse outfitter in Phoenix, Arizona. When it comes to guided horseback rides, look no further than us! Come out and see for yourself!

“If you enjoyed your ride, please kiss your horse and tip your guide!”

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