Horseback Rides on Groupon

Every season we get approached by discount companies like Groupon asking us to join their program. We also get a lot of calls from clients asking us if we do Groupon discounts. The answer that we have come to stick to is no but we want to explain why.

Our horses are our livelihood. They are the reason that we are able to travel from Idaho to Arizona every year and make a living doing what we love. They treat us well so we treat them well. At Cave Creek Trail Rides, we never skimp on the quality or the amount of hay that our horses get. We make sure that our horses feet taken care of by experienced farriers and we invest in quality equipment so that our horses are comfortable at all times. When our horses reach twenty years old, we find them a new home, a retirement home, where they can still be ridden but don’t have to work too hard. We make sure these horses find their forever home after they leave our corral, we believe they’ve earned it! It isn’t  easy or cheap to provide top of the line care to our horses but we know the importance of it and we believe that it sets us apart from other stables.

We firmly believe that we offer a quality horseback ride with staff and stock that go above and beyond to serve our guests. When perusing the web for reviews about our corral and others, we have found many horror stories associated with riders that purchased their ride through Groupon or other similar companies. Being shorted on time, being placed in a huge string of people and being cancelled on last minute are just a few of the complaints. The rides may be a cheap alternative but when it comes to making a memory with family or friends, don’t be swindled!

We will happily offer anyone a discount of $5.00 off per person on any ride if they mention Groupon when booking.

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