Scenic Trail Ride

Many people come to Arizona during the winter months to escape the cold weather back home. Arizona boasts beautiful temperatures, usually in the 60s and 70s, throughout the majority of the winter months. The few occasionally rainy days wash the desert clean, wetting the dust and leaving the Sonoran Desert greener than the day before. When families plan their summer trip, they dream up activities for the family that include swimsuits, sun screen and just plain being outside.

For many, a trip to the Southwest isn’t complete with a trail ride through the desert. What better way to experience this unique and rugged country than on a horse!?

The Sonoran Desert gets more rainfall than any other desert in the world! This makes it livable to a multitude of different plants and wildlife that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Horseback riders at Cave Creek Trail Rides get the opportunity to ride past giant saguaro cacti and gaze up at their impressive structure and poise. They can imagine what it would have been like to travel the rocky desert country with nothing but their trusty horse and a canteen full of water.

It isn’t hard to pretend to have gone back in time when you can adorn our complimentary boots, hats and chaps to really get into the character of that time. Each group is assigned a trustworthy guide that is there to help each family navigate their horses through the scenic yet authentic trails that twist through the desert. horseback ride, phoenix trail rides, sonoran desert trail ride

Accomplish your dream of riding off into the sunset! On your visit to Arizona, be sure to book a sunset ride with Cave Creek Trail Rides. The horses, guides, views and experience will not disappoint!


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