Girl Scouts Galore!

We had our first Girl Scouts program yesterday with an amazing troop! We did the Cowgirl Up & Ride program which includes a 1hr horseback ride as well as a horse tutorial, where the girls got to learn all about horse care and even got to pick up a horse’s hoof! We had so much fun with the girls, they all rode really well and had lots of good questions about horses. Below is a picture of corral manager, Mat, showing the girls how to check a horse’s teeth.


Girl Scout programs are a big part of our operation here at Cave Creek Trail Rides. Our programs are anything from just a 1hr ride to an half day event that includes desert critters, gold panning and more! And Girl Scouts always get the very best rates.

If you want to know more about our programs or are thinking about booking an GS event with us, click on the link below:

Girl Scout Program Details

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