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Closed for the Season

Another amazing season here at Cave Creek Trail Rides. We had such a great year this year. We met so many amazing people from around the world and worked with a fantastic crew!

Our horses are definitely ready to spend some time on pasture and enjoy their well-earned vacation time. We would love for you to keep in touch with us while we are in Idaho so please follow us on our Mystic Saddle Ranch Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you for making our time here in Arizona so enjoyable! We look forward to seeing you all again in the fall.

This summer, we plan to rebuild our website so be on the lookout for a new layout with the same smiling faces and traditional logo.

Thanks everyone!

Guided Trail Rides in the Phoenix Area

When shopping around for the best facility to do a guided trail ride, families need to look no further than Cave Creek Trail Rides!

Here at CCT we always put the safety of our guests first and do our absolute best to ensure that every rider, from the extremely experienced to the incredibly nervous, have a great ride. Our great customer service, combined with our gentle horses make for a great memory making experience for the whole family.

Groups of six or more riders are guaranteed a private ride with their guide. Only have one or two people? No worries! We will combine you with another small group. We NEVER combine groups more than eight people. This keeps the dust and chaos down so that each group can interact with their guide and have a personable and fun experience.

When looking for a place to do a scenic trail ride through the desert, look no further than Cave Creek Trail Rides. We offer the best guided horseback rides in the Phoenix area!

Scenic Trail Ride

Many people come to Arizona during the winter months to escape the cold weather back home. Arizona boasts beautiful temperatures, usually in the 60s and 70s, throughout the majority of the winter months. The few occasionally rainy days wash the desert clean, wetting the dust and leaving the Sonoran Desert greener than the day before. When families plan their summer trip, they dream up activities for the family that include swimsuits, sun screen and just plain being outside.

For many, a trip to the Southwest isn’t complete with a trail ride through the desert. What better way to experience this unique and rugged country than on a horse!?

The Sonoran Desert gets more rainfall than any other desert in the world! This makes it livable to a multitude of different plants and wildlife that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Horseback riders at Cave Creek Trail Rides get the opportunity to ride past giant saguaro cacti and gaze up at their impressive structure and poise. They can imagine what it would have been like to travel the rocky desert country with nothing but their trusty horse and a canteen full of water.

It isn’t hard to pretend to have gone back in time when you can adorn our complimentary boots, hats and chaps to really get into the character of that time. Each group is assigned a trustworthy guide that is there to help each family navigate their horses through the scenic yet authentic trails that twist through the desert. horseback ride, phoenix trail rides, sonoran desert trail ride

Accomplish your dream of riding off into the sunset! On your visit to Arizona, be sure to book a sunset ride with Cave Creek Trail Rides. The horses, guides, views and experience will not disappoint!


Now hiring trail guides for the Spring and Summer Season!

Cave Creek Trail Rides is now Hiring!!

Every season, we look for capable men and women to join our very special CCT team. Here at Cave Creek Trail Rides, we are tight-knit bunch that loves working with people and horses in the great outdoors.

We look to hire trail guides that have a passion for excellent customer service and are willing to learn. Many of the people we hire end up guiding in Idaho with us during the summer season. Not only does this provide year round work, it is also an opportunity to make once in a life time memories in the beautiful surroundings of Stanley, Idaho.

To learn more about our job requirements and fill out our job application, Click HERE!

Sunset Horseback Rides

What is the best time of day to go on a trail ride? To us, the answer is obvious! Our guided sunset trail rides are absolutely beautiful. Not only is it just a peaceful time to be out in the desert, the views and possibility of seeing wildlife are amazing!

Here is what some of our guests had to say about their sunset trail ride with us:

My 8 yr daughter loves anything to do with horses. We’ve done a couple these trail rides and to be frank, most our quite boring. This one is not – it’s totally worth it! My daughter absolutely loved it and I actually liked it too. Did the sunset tour. The view of Scottsdale sunset is awesome. Special shout out to our guide Lottie – you’re the best!!

Do yourself a favor and take the sunset ride…you will be wowed by the views and the staff. I could not have found a better way to celebrate my birthday. We had so much fun and learned so much from our guide. The horses are beautiful and well taken care of. Our only regret is that we didn’t come back for another trail ride!

sunset trail ride

Don’t just take our word for it! Call us today to reserve your very own sunset ride as see what all the hype is about! 623-742-6700

Horseback Rides on Groupon

Every season we get approached by discount companies like Groupon asking us to join their program. We also get a lot of calls from clients asking us if we do Groupon discounts. The answer that we have come to stick to is no but we want to explain why.

Our horses are our livelihood. They are the reason that we are able to travel from Idaho to Arizona every year and make a living doing what we love. They treat us well so we treat them well. At Cave Creek Trail Rides, we never skimp on the quality or the amount of hay that our horses get. We make sure that our horses feet taken care of by experienced farriers and we invest in quality equipment so that our horses are comfortable at all times. When our horses reach twenty years old, we find them a new home, a retirement home, where they can still be ridden but don’t have to work too hard. We make sure these horses find their forever home after they leave our corral, we believe they’ve earned it! It isn’t  easy or cheap to provide top of the line care to our horses but we know the importance of it and we believe that it sets us apart from other stables.

We firmly believe that we offer a quality horseback ride with staff and stock that go above and beyond to serve our guests. When perusing the web for reviews about our corral and others, we have found many horror stories associated with riders that purchased their ride through Groupon or other similar companies. Being shorted on time, being placed in a huge string of people and being cancelled on last minute are just a few of the complaints. The rides may be a cheap alternative but when it comes to making a memory with family or friends, don’t be swindled!

We will happily offer anyone a discount of $5.00 off per person on any ride if they mention Groupon when booking.

Horseback Riding During the Holidays

Once again we find ourselves in sunny Arizona after a incredibly busy and amazing summer in Stanley, Idaho! The horses were able to enjoy a solid two months on pasture before we loaded everyone up and headed south!

We had a great Thanksgiving here in the Sonoran Desert and kept busy the following day with all of our out-of-town guests that came and enjoyed a scenic trail ride.  This new season has already been shaping up to be fantastic.

We are starting to sell Christmas Gift Certificates and booking rides for the upcoming Holiday Season. December is a great month to visit Arizona and the weather is typically perfect for horseback riding! Not too hot and usually some cloud cover that makes for spectacular sunset trail rides.

We hope that you will come out and see us soon but if you can’t, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and to keep track of the CCT crew and horses!

See you in the Fall!

Due to the dry winter and the early heat, we decided to close a few weeks early this year. April 30th was our last day for the season and the desert sent us off in high fashion. The ironwood trees and saguaros are hosting beautiful blooms and the temperatures were lovely on our last day.

The horses seem to know that they are headed for green pasture. This is their favorite time of the year. They love being able to spend time eating the green grass and playing with their favorite buddies. They have earned their vacation after our busy spring break season.

The summer has been shaping up to be a busy one in Idaho and we are looking forward to having the majority of our Arizona guides come with us to Idaho. Be sure to follow our crew and horses on Facebook and Mystic Saddle Ranch Blog.

Thank you to all the friends and family that came out and rode with us this season. We are so blessed to be able to ride horses year-round and spend half of our time in the Sonoran Desert. We will be back in early November!

What are People Saying?

We know that you have many options of where to go horseback riding when you visit the Phoenix area so how do you make the best decision? Do you pick the lowest price? Closest location? Or do you just pick whatever pops up first on Google? I think we have all been in the situation where we didn’t do quite enough homework and ending up getting less than what we expected. Don’t let this happen to you on your vacation to the Sonoran Desert!

When looking for the best place to do a guided trail ride, trust the ones who have actually done it. Don’t just take our word for it. There are plenty of great reviews about our corral on,, and Facebook.

Here is what a few guests had to say about their experience with us…

Kaylee is amazing and so cute her aura, personality, energy awesome and so beautiful. She did an amazing trail ride and so easy to talk too. Very personable and very laid back super friendly. Definitely recommend this place and the owners super adorable Matt and Rebecca are super sweet. Thanks for taking care of all those beautiful horses and Teddie boy absolutely adore and love you. Thanks for being the sweetest boy ever. Can’t wait to come ride and visit you again. 10 stars I would give if that was an option and awesomesauce with a cherry and whip cream on top. – Tina, January 2018

We accidentally stumbled across this ranch and it turned out to be the best trail ride of our life! Jace was an amazing guide! Our horses were the kindest gentlest souls around! Can’t say enough good things about this awesome experience. – Lisa, January 2018

Have been on a couple other rides at other places. This is by far the best one. I highly recommend the sunset rides. Everyone at Cave Creek is very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. Our guide Cameron made the ride entertaining. – Dennis, April 2017

We make booking your trail ride easy. Just give us a call at 623-742-6700 and talk to our friendly staff. They will help you pick the best date, length of ride and time of day for your group. Once you reserve, they will give you all the information you need to know about your upcoming adventure.

Come on out and ride with us!

THE best horseback rides in Phoenix

Cave Creek Trail Rides offers THE best horseback rides in Phoenix, Arizona for several very important reasons!

  1. Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable and will always put the safety of our guests first. We hire only the best of the best here at CCT and we know that your guide will give you the best possible experience.
  2. Our horses are calm and gentle. Our horses work year round and are seasoned professionals. They know right where to put their feet to take you safely down the trails.
  3. Our facility is always clean and organized. We believe that even though we may smell like horses we can still operate a clean and professional stable.  Our crew works tirelessly to keep everything looking nice and staying clean for our guests and our horses.
  4. We offer boots, hats and chaps at no additional charge to enjoy for your ride. Whether you want to just dress up for pictures or hit the trail looking like a buckaroo, we have the gear for you!
  5. Our trails are mountainous and scenic. We don’t offer your typical flat and boring ride through the desert. Our trails wind through the foothills and get you close (not not too close) to the amazing saguaro cacti and other Sonoran Desert plants
  6. Our horses are always well cared for. We have fat and happy horses. We make a point to retire our horses when they get to be around 20 years old. We go out of our way to find them a home where they can enjoy their retirement. Our horses get excellent feed, grooming and hoof care.

SO, in summary, Cave Creek Trail Rides goes above and beyond to be the number one horse outfitter in Phoenix, Arizona. When it comes to guided horseback rides, look no further than us! Come out and see for yourself!

“If you enjoyed your ride, please kiss your horse and tip your guide!”