Monthly Archives: February 2015

Romantic Sunset Horseback Ride

It’s not very often that you get to be a part of a conspiracy so I jumped at the chance when I was asked if CCT could help do a surprise proposal. A local horseback rider helped her son plan the perfect sunset proposal and we were more than happy to be involved. 

The romeo showed up at the corrals in nice attire and with roses in hand. We took him and his personal photographer up to our favorite look-out spot where the sunsets just perfectly in front of you. 

A little while later the unsuspecting, soon-to-be fiance arrived at the corrals with her soon-to-be mother in-law and family friend. She thought they were just going on a simple trail ride…little did she know, everyone from the park hosts to the trail guides were in on the surprise.

I took the group out on the ride. “Where’s your boyfriend at?” I asked once she had told me she was in town visiting his family. “Oh, he is with friends having boy time,” she responded. The young lady oohed and awed at the scenery as we slowly made our way to the secret spot. I could hardly keep myself in the saddle for all the anticipation. 

We rounded a corner and looked down to see rose petals lacing the trail.


“What are those! Are those rose petals” the riders exclaimed, the young Juliet confused and the rest of us faking surprise. As we slowly worked our way up the path we looked to our right where the sun was beginning to set. Silhouetted against the warm glow was an indistinguishable figure. There was no way of telling who this mystery romantic was.


As we rounded the last bit of the corner, the young lady let out a gasp as her boyfriend of five years came into focus. We helped her dismount where she could join him on the hill. He got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Short of breath, but oh so happy, she said yes!!!


Our small conspiratorial group let out a cheer as the newly engaged couple embraced. It was such a very special moment between them and the love that obviously share for each other was almost tangible. 


We wish you two the very best and we are so thankful that you chose Cave Creek Trail Rides to help make this engagement happen! Thanks for setting our Valentine’s Day season off to a great start!