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Horses Love Apples!

When you work with horses and families you really get the chance to be a part of some great memories. This particular instance was just too good to be kept to myself so I thought I would share it with y’all.

As most of you know, our minimum age requirement for trail rides is 6 years old. I had two little youngsters under the age of six arrive at the corrals, around midday to take a pony ride instead. Big sister, around five years old, was eager to adorn her cowgirl boots, hat, and chaps and was all smiles when I pulled our horse, Dusty, out for her to ride. Little brother (two and a half years old) hung back, munching on his juicy red apple, unsure of the whole horseback ride idea. As little sister was petting Dusty and getting to know her trusty steed, little brother tentatively walked up towards the two of them, still periodically taking bites out of his apple, which was almost as big as his face. Dusty immediately picked up the scent of the juicy treat and perked his ears in little brothers direction.

“Would you like to share your apple with the horsey?” his parents asked him. Bravely the little boy strolled forward, offering his prized apple with two hands. Dusty didn’t waste a second and immediately took the apple in one bite. I watched that little boy’s face slowly turn, from amazement and joy to horror in the realization that Dusty was NOT good at sharing and his apple was gone forever. Tears began to spill as little brother decided that he wasn’t a big fan of these selfish, apple stealing animals.

Little sister went on to have a great pony ride, she enjoyed Dusty quite a bit. It took awhile for the parents and I to collect ourselves. Little brother felt better after he was compensated with some chocolate but he definitely didn’t offer any to Dusty.

I am sure that this moment went down in history for the family (as the dad couldn’t stop laughing as he consoled his sweet little boy). Little brother will probably hear about his encounter with Dusty well after he is grown and can no longer remember it. I am just glad that I got to see it.