Monthly Archives: April 2011

150 Years Ago

Every winter, we here at Cave Creek Trail Rides have the pleasure to work with local girl scout troops. We always have so much fun with the happy energetic girls that come bounding up to our corral with excited giggles and open minds. We really get to know each troop as we teach them about our horses and even let them do some hands-on grooming and saddling.

This past Saturday we had a special guest for our girl scouts. Cowboy Slade was at the corrals to teach the girls about life in the Ol’ West.

Cowboy Slade told the girls what it was like to live in Cave Creek, Arizona 150 years ago. He talked about the mining that took place back then and how rough it really was to be a cowboy. Slade taught the girls all about cowboy attire. Every thing from his 10 gallon hat (which he could fill up with water and let his horse drink from) to his spurs and chaps.

Slade is a park volunteer here at Cave Creek Regional Park and he seems to really enjoy sharing his knowledge about a time and place he truly loves. We felt lucky to have him at the corrals to share his experience and comprehension. Cowboy Slade truly is a rough and tumble cowboy from the Ol’ West.