Month: January 2010

Month: January 2010

Birthday party week-end!

We had lots of birthday parties at the corrals this week-end. We did a little girls party with a birthday cake, a boys birthday party with no cake but cowboy hats, scarves and sheriff’s badges and a teenage girls party. What a variety and all of them fun, fun, fun!!!

6+ inches was a lot of rain!

6+ inches was a lot of rain. We did not float away but we certainly settled the dust! Since we knew we had a lot of rain coming we were able to get ready for it. No real damage but things are wet. The trails are fine and we are back in business. Come see […]

Children always make my day

Yesterday was a quiet and wonderful day. We meet the most incredible people in this business. In the late afternoon we had a wonderful family of 4 come to ride with us. A grandmother, her daughter and the daughter’s two children a young boy and a young girl. They loved the ride and loved the […]

Beautiful Days and dramatic sunsets

The days here have been wonderful with highs in the low 70’s and some of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen seen. They fill the whole sky. Mid-week has been quiet with week-ends filled with birthday parties, girl scouts and guests of all ages and sizes. We have fun with them all.