See you in the Fall!

Due to the dry winter and the early heat, we decided to close a few weeks early this year. April 30th was our last day for the season and the desert sent us off in high fashion. The ironwood trees and saguaros are hosting beautiful blooms and the temperatures were lovely on our last day.

The horses seem to know that they are headed for green pasture. This is their favorite time of the year. They love being able to spend time eating the green grass and playing with their favorite buddies. They have earned their vacation after our busy spring break season.

The summer has been shaping up to be a busy one in Idaho and we are looking forward to having the majority of our Arizona guides come with us to Idaho. Be sure to follow our crew and horses on Facebook and Mystic Saddle Ranch Blog.

Thank you to all the friends and family that came out and rode with us this season. We are so blessed to be able to ride horses year-round and spend half of our time in the Sonoran Desert. We will be back in early November!

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